Website (If you experience somthing that isn't right. Please report it to the staff in Discord.)
  • Do not host and kill your servers more than one time.
  • Do not spam website actions, be patient and wait for the service to respond.
  • Do not login to another account that you do not own.
  • Do not register multiple accounts. One account per person.
Server Hosting
  • You may not kick/ban players for no reason. Each punishment must have a valid reason associated with it.
  • Be nice to anyone who is moderating the servers and players. Keep it a fair and simple way to treat them.
  • Keep your server names in check. No NSFW/NSFL or offensive topics.
  • Please don't deal anything that has extremely CPU or memory intensive on your server. It will result your server to be closed.
Uploading WADs
  • Do not attempt to bypass WAD/MD5 bans by renaming or uploading similar files.
  • Do not claim ownership of uploaded files that you do not personally own, nor are a part of its development team.
  • Do not upload NSFW/NSFL content such as pornography, shock content, realistic gore, etc.
  • Do not upload any commercial or non-commercial IWADs.
  • Do not upload any wads that enables the ability to cheat through mod commands.
  • Do not upload wads that contain content that was stolen from someone else/non-credited.
  • Do not upload wads that contain large amounts of copyrighted content.
  • Do not use multiple tabs/windows to upload more than what is necessary. Use the main window provided only.