Hardware Stats
Usage: 5.5%
Load: 0.82, 0.96, 1.00
Free: 25.27GB
Used: 5.47GB
Total: 31.15GB
Free: 0.95GB
Used: 49.25MB
Total: 1.00GB
Mount: /
Free: 372.08GB
Used: 44.60GB
Total: 439.00GB
Interface: enp1s0f0
Sent: 386.25GB
Received: 26.15GB
Total: 412.40GB
Overall Stats
Total Servers 1583 159 Unowned WADs
Running Servers 20 834 Uploaded WADs
Limit Excluded Servers 2 133 Deleted WADs
Successful Servers 1406 36851 WAD Downloads
Errored Servers 177 699 Total WADs
Default Server Limit 5 23 Banned WADs
Default WAD Limit 20 Banned IPs
Global Server Limit 100 1 Whitelisted IPs
Servers with highest stats
CPU 4.5% Complex Doom Invasion v0.99.7j 10670
Memory 632.9MB (2.0%) Lexicon Alpha Complex Doom (2 Life Co-op UV) LEG MONSTERS 10680
Uptime 47d 13h 29m 01s Just DOOM 10666
LastActivity 41d 9h 28m 47s Started from doomseeker 10675
Servers with lowest stats
CPU 2.5% Ghosted 10687
Memory 32.3MB (0.1%) ResiTest Custom Science 10669
Uptime 1d 10h 14m 34s ResiTest Custom 10671
LastActivity 0d 2h 51m 12s Complex Doom Invasion v0.99.7j 10670