Hardware Stats
Usage: 7.5%
Load: 1.39, 1.60, 1.66
Free: 25.64GB
Used: 5.17GB
Total: 31.20GB
Free: 0.95GB
Used: 49.21MB
Total: 1.00GB
Mount: /
Free: 9.09GB
Used: 9.02GB
Total: 19.10GB
Mount: /home
Free: 1.55TB
Used: 128.97GB
Total: 1.77TB
Interface: enp1s0f0
Sent: 499.59GB
Received: 16.03GB
Total: 515.62GB
Overall Stats
Total Servers 1105 112 Unowned WADs
Running Servers 21 639 Uploaded WADs
Limit Excluded Servers 7 83 Deleted WADs
Successful Servers 997 26704 WAD Downloads
Errored Servers 108 554 Total WADs
Default Server Limit 5 4 Banned WADs
Default WAD Limit 20 Banned IPs
Global Server Limit 100 1 Whitelisted IPs
Servers with highest stats
CPU 8.7% Complex Doom Invasion v0.99.7j 10679
Memory 883.0MB (2.8%) CLUSTERF*CK COOP - Lexicon 10668
Uptime 34d 4h 40m 28s CLUSTERF*CK COOP - Lexicon 10668
LastActivity 29d 7h 38m 48s Miko's Nest 10671
Servers with lowest stats
CPU 4.4% cooooom 10685
Memory 31.7MB (0.1%) (CZSK)SNAILOVITCH SERVER 10680
Uptime 0d 13h 56m 41s EmilianoPrueba 10686
LastActivity 0d 0h 36m 05s Brutal Doom1 Co-op 10674